FOSCO is in the industry since last 3 decades and today has become a trusted name in the carom powder manufacturing and supplying. The Premium XL 5000 is of made of superior quality base materials with utmost care following strict quality measures. This powder gives a swift glides to carrom coins and striker as a little sprinkle of this powder enhances the playing experience. Friction on the board during the glides is reduces if this powder is used from time to time on the board surface. Premium XL 5000 has spherical powder particles which increases the speed of carrom coins and decrease the friction between the coin and the board. We make sure only the best quality base material comes into our manufacturing unit. Following are the packaging sizes available with us:

  • Premium xl -5000 Card Box 10gm
  • Premium xl -5000 20gm
  • Premium xl -5000 Card Box 20gm
  • Premium xl -5000 40gm
  • Premium xl -5000 70gm
  • Premium xl -5000 170gm
  • Premium xl -5000 500gm
  • Premium xl -5000 1000gm